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Hockey Great Georges Laraque & PlantPure Summit

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I’m such a fan of Georges Laraque‘s, our fabulous guest in today’s main show section. Laraque is a legendary NHL “tough guy” but during his 13-year pro hockey career, and in his successful retirement that began in 2010, he is a fighter only on the ice. In real life, he is an ethical vegan, an environmentalist, an entrepreneur, a dad, and the author of a totally engrossing autobiography.

Listen, enjoy, and check out the divine Monsieur Laraque here:


Book: Georges Laraque: The Story of the NHL’s Unlikeliest Tough Guy (I am LOVING this book — and I’ve only been to two hockey games in my life)



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We were expecting Nelson Campbell, filmmaker of PlantPure Nation, in the first segment to discuss the PlantPure Summit, happening through September 16. Nelson got caught up in a meeting and joined us for a minute at the end of the segment, but the information is this: Arguably the biggest online summit ever, this one brings together 60 experts in plant-based eating and vegan living, with a special emphasis on the relationship between a plant-exclusive dietary choice and the health care crisis. Among those taking part are MDs including Neal Barnard, Milton Mills, Joel Kahn, Michael Klaper, and Michael Greger; RDs including Julieanna Hever and Brenda Davis; PhDs such as T. Colin Campbell and Hans Diehl; and animal rights luminaries including Paul Shapiro and Nathan Runkle, and vegan stars such as Kathy Freston, Ellen Jaffe Jones, and Miyoko Schinner. These are hour-long video presentations, offered free of charge throughout the day and evening and for 24 hours thereafter. There is also an option to purchase the complete Summit if you wish. Sign up now — no charge unless you wish to purchase the Summit for leisure viewing later — at

We also announced Fran Costigan‘s launch of the new Vegan Pastry Program at the Rouxbe Cooking School — an online program with the divine Ms. Fran, pastry chef extraordinaire; check that out at

And August McLaughlin‘s thoughtful post on “The ‘Reducetarian’ Trend and 6 Reasons to Try It Now,” in which I’m quoted. I’m a vegan and I want everyone to be vegan, but those who don’t yet see that this is a moral imperative can get on the path, and do a measurable amount of good, by cutting back on animal foods and learning more about the issues. Many of them will come all the way, and even those who don’t are saving some lives and decreasing the planetary burden — something that wouldn’t be happening if they stayed with the status quo or joined the Paleo movement. That’s how I see it. If you see it differently, let’s both heed our conscience and work as hard as we can on what seems best to us. I believe that with you and me and every other vegan doing that, we’ll get where we all want to be.

And finally, I have a big announcement! I’m a finalist in the Peta’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50 contest. I’m honored to be in the final ten, and if I’m fortunate enough to win, it will give me greatly increased visibility as I speak out for the animals, for veganism, and against ageism. I would be very grateful for your vote: (I’m 66, if you wanted to know.) Thanks so much.

Blast from the past! Speaking of the Sexiest Over 50 contest, we had as a guest on the program the very first winner, back when it was called Peta’s Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50, although the lovely winner that first year was indeed vegan and, in fact, a raw-fooder. She wowed everyone with her golden glow at age 70, and she continues to go strong, writing, lecturing, and traveling the world to carry this message. She is, of course, the inimitable Mimi Kirk, and the link to the podcast featuring her is: