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Take your vegan outreach to the professional level by training to be

an MSVA-Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator (VLCE)

Dine gently. Live wisely. Make a difference.

What is a vegan lifestyle coach/educator?

A Main Street Vegan® Lifestyle Coach & Educator is a practicing vegan who is certified to coach, counsel and educate individuals and groups in adopting this health-promoting and compassionate way of eating and being in the world. As a Main Street Vegan-certified VLCE, you’ll be qualified to help individuals and groups go vegan, stay vegan, feel terrific, and be part of the wonderful ripple effect that’s saving the lives of people and animals, and helping heal the planet. In addition, you’ll learn at the Academy how to set up a Vegan Lifestyle Coaching practice, market yourself, speak for groups, and make the most of social media.

Since our inception in 2012, we’ve realized that the VLCE certification and the business training we provide is relevant not only to those who want to do one-on-one coaching and group classes and outreach, but to vegan entrepreneurs of every stripe. Our graduates are running companies, shops, and restaurants, working for prominent animal rights and health-promotion organizations, and using their VLCE credential as part of their pre-existing profession in healthcare, nutrition, fitness, yoga, etc.

Graduate Camille DeAngelis, VLCE, and novelist

Graduate Camille DeAngelis, VLCE. Camille is also a published novelist.

What will we do during the course?

Ours is an in-person program in New York City. It’s an intensive course of two partial days and four full days, going from early morning until evening. A high point of the Main Street Vegan® Academy experience is always our educational excursions to a raw food market, an Indian spice market, vegan bakery, vegan cosmetics shopleather-free shoe store,  and more. We’ll have lunch out together on field trip day at a classic NYC vegan eatery, an additional luncheon at Harlem’s premier vegan soul food restaurant. and an optional post-session graduation luncheon at one of the city’s renowned Candle restaurants, Candle Cafe West. If a special veg-related event is taking place in the city during your course, we try to arrange for our students to be part of this, as well. Our core curriculum is in three parts:

I. Vegan Principles, including:

  • Fundamentals of vegan nutrition
  • Plant-based nutrition for pregnant women, children, athletes, elders
  • Diet in the prevention and reversal of disease
  • History of the vegetarian and vegan movements
  • Fundamentals of animal rights and animal law
  • Environmental implications of animal agriculture
  • Animal use and abuse in fashion and beauty, and vegan alternatives
Danielle Legg, VLCE, Academy registrar

Danielle Legg, VLCE, with friend at Skylands Sanctuary

II. Communication Principles, including:

  • Fundamentals of coaching and counseling for VLCEs
  • Working with the clients who have weight, emotional eating, or compulsive eating issues
  • Working with mixed and transitional families
  • The art of the food demo
  • Public speaking for vegan educators and activists

III. Business Principles, including”

  • Social networking for Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators
  • Attracting clients and building your coaching practice
  • Building your brand, and marketing for success
  • Finding and acting on authorship, blogging, podcasting, and corporate opportunities

“This program inspires entrepreneurs and seeds vegan business endeavors of every sort. The curriculum is solid, the faculty top-notch, and the immersion experience and after-graduation support incomparable.” ~ Katrina Fox, author, Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow and Ethical Business,

Welcome dinner, catered by Beyond Sushi.

Welcome dinner, catered by Beyond Sushi, NYC.

Upcoming course dates:

  • Summer 2016: July 22-27 
  • Fall 2016: October 14-19 
  • Spring 2017: March 31-April 5
  • Memorial Weekend 2017: May 26-31
  • Summer 2017: August 4-9
  • Fall 2017: November 3-8



Main Street Vegan Academy is committed to helping people adopt and maintain a positive vegan lifestyle and health-promoting diet, geared to the needs and preferences of the individual. We endorse no particular iteration of vegan diet or any specific animal rights ideology, trusting the conscience of our graduates to live up to their highest light in furthering the ethic of reverence for life.

“I feel privileged to have been a part of such an amazing, love-filled group a truly extraordinary vegan coaching program. Priceless!” ~ Nadia No, MFT, VLCE, San Francisco

Advisory Board:

These renowned men and women from all sectors of the vegan movement comprise our board of advisors:

  • Carol J. Adams, author of Living Among Meateaters and The Sexual Politics of Meat
  • Demetrius Bagley, producer, Vegucated: Three People, Six Weeks, One Challenge
  • Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D, animal behaviorist and author Second Nature and The Exultant Ark
  • Gene Baur, co-founder, Farm Sanctuary; author, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals & Food 
  • Chef Fran Costigan, classically trained pastry chef, author, Vegan Chocolate
  • Freya Dinshah, president and co-founder, The American Vegan Society, author of The Vegan Kitchen
  • JL Fields, VLCE, consultant and co-author of Vegan for Her
  • Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder and designer, Vaute Couture, vegan coats and fashion
  • John Pierre, author, The Pillars of Health, and fitness trainer to Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi
  • John Robbins, author of Healthy at 100 and The Food Revolution
  • Brian Wendel, creator and executive producer, Forks Over Knives
MSVA founder and director Victoria Moran teaching at the Academy

MSVA founder and director, and Main Street Vegan author, Victoria Moran teaching at the Academy

Core Faculty: You’ll be learning from skilled vegan educators and experts. Core faculty members teach at most Academy sessions except when their schedule takes them away.

  • Chef Fran Costigan, noted vegan baker and author of Vegan, with “The Art of the Food Demo”
  • Bob Dagger, raw food and detox counselor and owner of High Vibe market
  • Marty Davey, MS, RD, LDN, “La Diva Dietitian!” (and a trained actor so her nutrition classes are fun as well as instructive), teaching “Vegan Nutrition 101” and “Nutrition’s Greatest Hits: Eating Well Througout the Life Cycle”
  • Michael Parrish DuDell, Our marketing instructor is a media/business speaker/consultant, instrumental in the development of, and author of Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business, the official business book of the hit ABC show,
  • JL Fields, VLCE, blogger, corporate wellness coach, author Vegan Pressure Cooking and co-author of Vegan for Her, on combining your life experience with your MSVA training to create a viable vegan business now
  • Jennifer Gannet, JD, VLCE,, resource for parents & educators to support the veg kids in their lives, on working with mixed and transitional families
  • Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder and designer of Vaute, vegan winter coats and designer fashions, on vegan fashion and vegan business
  • Joshua Katcher, Parsons professor, founder of  and designer for BraveGentleMan, with a stunning presentation on animal use in fashion and their alternatives, as well as how “aesthetic law” trains consumers to unwittingly overlook underlying cruelty
  • Victoria Moran, HHC, AADP, VLCE, author of  The Good Karma DietMain Street Vegan, The Love-Powered Diet, and Creating a Charmed Life and founder/director of Main St. Vegan Academy, teaching Public Speaking, History of the Vegetarian/Vegan Movement, and Working with the Overweight and/or Food-Addicted Client
  • Sharon Nazarian, VLCE, Manhattan-based vegan blogger and co-founder of, on social networking
  • Robert Ostfeld, M.D., MSc., FACC, director, Cardiac Wellness Program, associate professor of clinical medicine, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY
  • Tatiana Forero Puerta, MA, RYT, HCC— Wellness consultant, yoga instructor, writer and lecturer, teaching techniques of wellness coaching and counseling
  • Martin Rowe, author, runner, publisher,, environmental educator,
  • Jasmin Singer, activist, writer, performer, and Dr. Oz-featured co-founder of, a media-media hive to make a difference for animals, teaching Animal Rights
  • Mariann Sullivan, JD, co-founder of, professor of animal law at NYU, Columbia, and Cordozo law schools
  • Plus guest speakers who have included: Paul K. Chappell, West Point graduate and Peaceful Revolution author        (, Jenne Claiborne, HHC, AADP (; Robert Cohen (; Sherry Colb, JD, Cornell law professor and author of Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger?; Bruce Friedrich of Farm Sanctuary; Gary Gibson, HHC, AADP, VLCE,; John Joseph, lead singer, The CroMags, author Meat Is for PussiesJoel Kahn, MD, “America’s Holistic Heart Doc,” Reader’s Digest columnist, author of The Whole Heart SolutionTV cooking show host Jaime Karpovich, VLCE,; Ana Negron, MD, author of Nourishing the Body and Recovering Health; Matt Ruscigno, RD, coauthor of No Meat AthleteMary Wendt, MD,; and Dianne Wenz, HHC, AADP, VLCE, editor,; and noted broadcaster Jane Velez-Mitchell,

“Main Street Vegan Academy will forever be a pivotal experience in my vegan journey. Having the opportunity to learn such a well-rounded arc of information and knowledge, has motivated and furthered my commitment to help others attain levels of health, happiness and purpose that the vegan lifestyle provides.” ~ Avital Weiss, VLCE, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Upcoming course dates:

  • Summer 2016: July 22-27 
  • Fall 2016: October 14-19
  • Spring 2017: March 31-April 5
  • Memorial Weekend 2017: May 26-31
  • Summer 2017: August 4-9
  • Fall 2017: November 3-8

Where does the program take place? 

Main Street Vegan® Academy is live and in person in New York City. This is not just a course; it’s an experience you’ll remember all your life. In NYC you’ll be introduced to, and taught by, some of the most influential people in the modern vegan movement, and you’ll learn alongside fellow MSVA students who will likely become your lifelong friends and business contacts. By coming here you’ll see the future of veganism: a city teeming with vegan restaurants, shops, events and more. Our field trips to restaurants, boutiques, and other vegan businesses make the MSVA program a unique and life-changing urban study/vacation, whether you live in the Northeastern U.S. or come from afar.

Who applies for this program?

Women and men from all walks of life — and, so far, thirteen different countries — are part of the Main Street Vegan Academy family. In selecting students we look for a commitment to the vegan lifestyle, and the flexibility, open-mindedness, and willingness to undergo a morning-to-evening, 5+-day intensive immersion program. Participants have included men and women from the medical and allied health professions, business people, yoga instructors, culinary professionals, teachers, social workers and addiction counselors, IT professionals, military personnel, fitness trainers, students, stay-at-home moms, and more. Every class has students of all age.s (18 is the minimum age for attendance, although we might in a special case accept a younger teen with parental permission or who is attending the program with a parent. There is no upper age limit.) Graduates are engaged in private coaching and corporate wellness programs, writing books and articles, running vegan-related businesses, lecturing, podcasting and media production, opening restaurants, and more.

A gallery of graduates: Carol Schneider, VLCE,; Zachary Koval, VLCE,; Lita Dwight,; Carmella Lanni-Giardina,

Gallery of grads: Carol Schneider, VLCE,; Zachary Koval, VLCE,; Lita Dwight, VLCE,; Carmella Lanni-Giardina, VLCE,

How do I know if I’m qualified?

To be accepted for the program, you need to be eating as a vegan already (that is, consuming no animal products, including fish, eggs, and dairy, regardless of how it is sourced). You also need to be open to learning more about all aspects of vegan living.

Prior to acceptance, we review each application and may conduct a phone interview with the applicant. A modest reading list is then sent out and we do expect each participant to have read the books on the list prior to the start of his/her session; listening to at least 21 episodes of the Main Street Vegan Podcast, covering a variety of topics (health, ethics, environmentalism, cuisine, fitness, etc.) is also required prior to the start of your course.

We are an Equal Opportunity program, welcoming students without regard to race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, politics, or sexual orientation; we also welcome those of all vegan dietary preferences. We share some meals together and take any student allergies into account. It is simply not possible to accommodate every preference — raw, food-combined, oil-free, Ayurvedic, etc. — at every meal. Please understand that we’re attempting to please almost 20 distinct individuals, so other than staying strictly vegan, “real food,” organic where possible,  and leaving out any allergens we’re informed of, we do ask for a bit of dietary flexibility while you’re here.

“Wow! Victoria knows all the right stuff and the right people. Even the most knowledgeable vegan business person has something to gain from this course.” ~ Anndi Hahner, RN, VLCE, Kansas City, MO

How much is tuition?

The program investment is $1695 per student. (The payment must be made in U.S. dollars or calculated to equal $1695 in U.S. dollars.) Once you have been accepted into the Academy, a $495 nonrefundable deposit is required within 30 days to hold your place in class. You must pay the remaining $1200 within 30 days of the start of class. If you opt to pay full tuition upfront, you’ll receive a $200 discount ($1495 instead of $1695).

Either full tuition or the deposit must be received within one month of your acceptance in order for your place in class to be held for you. Preferred payment methods are PayPal (sent to, or check payable to Main Street Vegan, and sent by mail to Victoria Moran, MSVA, 40 W. 116th St., #A-504, New York, NY 10026. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express, and we can send you an easy credit card invoice.

The deposit is nonrefundable. If a true emergency (personal illness, death in the family, natural disaster, etc.) should keep you from attending the program, the deposit is transferable to one later course. If you’ve paid in full and an emergency arises, you’ll receive a refund of all but $495, which can be applied to one later course. Full tuition is due within 30 days of your course or you risk losing both your deposit and your place in class. Please do not apply if you are not serious about attending or if you are unsure of your ability to pay your tuition. We do not have the staff needed to deal with frivolous applications. Please help us and your fellow vegans by applying only when you feel certain you’re able to follow through — thank you.

Graduates in business: Kat Mendenhall Boots, Dallas; V Marks the Shop (mini-mart, Philadelphia), & Riverdel Cheeses (vegan, of course), Brooklyn

Many graduates tap into their biz-wiz side and start vegan companies. Shown above: Kat Mendenhall (Vegan Cowboy Boots!), Dallas; V Marks the Shop (mini-mart, Philadelphia), and Riverdel Vegan Cheeses, Brooklyn.

What does my tuition include?

During the course period, you’ll receive:

  • All classes: some 40 hours of small group instruction and experiential learning with Victoria Moran and other expert faculty members and guest lecturers
  • Field trips to NYC vegan businesses and attractions
  • Personal access to faculty and guest presenters, some of the most sought-after experts on vegan living in the U.S. today
  • You’ll be Victoria’s guest for a welcome dinner, two lunches, and breakfast on non-field-trip mornings (meals are strictly vegan with a whole foods emphasis, organic to the fullest extent possible, and accommodating the needs of any students with allergies); plus an afternoon snack, teas, and Mountain Valley Spring Water and Saratoga Springs Sparkling Water throughout the week
  • Diploma and professional certification as a Main Street Vegan® Lifestyle Coach and Educator (VLCE), prepared to coach individuals and groups on their vegan journey
  • Five-and-a-half full days with Victoria Moran, celebrated author, speaker, educator, radio host, Holistic Health Counselor, Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator, and Vegan of the Year 2012. This is a boutique experience in a small-group setting. Victoria will be teaching daily and available throughout the program to answer your questions personally. Your relationship with her, the other luminaries that comprise the MSVA faculty, and your classmates and alumni of other classes can last a lifetime.
Marty Davey, MS, RD, nutrition instructor for MSVA, and author of the interactive e-book, You're Not Dead Yet: Nutrition for the Over-50 Crowd. Marty generously offers her professional expertise to grads who run into questions they can't answer.

Marty Davey, MS, RD, nutrition instructor for MSVA, and author of the interactive e-book, You’re Not Dead Yet: Nutrition for the Over-50 Crowd.

And after graduation, you’ll receive:

  • An email compilation of course handouts from Victoria Moran and PowerPoint packs from several other instructors
  • The MSVA-certified VLCE banner for your website, blog, email signature, and printed materials
  • Listing on the “Certified Vegan Coaches” page of at any point after graduation when you wish to add your listing
  • Access to the private Main Street Vegan Alumni forum on Facebook
  • The MSVA Master List with contact information for your fellow VLCEs, a strong support network of Vegan Lifestyle Coaches & Educators from across North America and around the world, including noted bloggers, chefs, health care professionals, personal trainers, image consultants, recipe creators, web designers, and others who can offer you their advice and support
  • The opportunity to have your post(s) featured on the Main Street Vegan blog, a way to share your content with a wide audience and introduce that audience to you, your website, and your business
  • Access to faculty with your questions and concerns
  • Private alumni-only mailings that include leads to possible work and exposure opportunities, as well as informal alumni reunions that take place in New York City and around the country
  • The cache of being a Main Street Vegan-certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. Our program is known throughout the plant-based community and the animal rights world as offering the highest quality instruction and ongoing continuing education opportunities

For a photographic tour of the fabulousness (and the food!) of one student’s Main Street Vegan Academy experience, check out this slideshow from Elissa Blake Free, VLCE, Washington, DC, journalist and October 2015 grad who went on to a position at the Barnard Medical Center.

What other costs will I incur?

You are responsible for your own travel costs and trip insurance, accommodations, and meals out, as well as transportation in NYC, and any shopping you wish to do on field trips. (You are not expected to purchase anything, although most students take advantage of the field trips and “stock up” on vegan shoes, belts, cosmetics, specialty food items, and gifts.) Allow around $20 each for the two lunches at restaurants where we’ll go as a group, and perhaps a bit more for graduation luncheon (optional) at Candle Cafe West.

If you are on a budget, recommendations for lower-cost accommodations are available upon request. The most convenient places to stay are on Manhattan’s Upper West Side or in South Harlem, although staying anywhere in Manhattan or close-in Brooklyn can work. We do start early in the mornings.

Important note: This course is designed to help you guide others to transition to and thrive with the vegan lifestyle. While you will receive several hours of health and nutrition training, you will not be a nutritionist. Being a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator does NOT qualify you to provide medical advice or treat any illness. Any person looking to undergo a major change in diet should consult a licensed healthcare professional. This is also not a culinary program: your expertise upon completion of this course will be to teach, guide, and counsel individuals and groups about vegan eating and living, as well as align the entrepreneurial gifts and talents you may bring to the table with your desire for extended vegan outreach.

Ours is a professional certification program for committed vegans to learn to teach and counsel others and take their commitment to this way of living to the next level. It is not a how-to-go-vegan course. If you’re looking for this kind of help, check out the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, free and online, from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 
appbutton “I could not have imagined a better experience. Learning from Victoria Moran, hanging out with vegans aspiring to be of assistance to others, being back in the greatest city in the world, was exactly as fulfilling as I’d hoped it would be. At the risk of sounding trite, my biggest disappointment was that my class of the Main Street Vegan Academy had to come to an end.” ~ The Rev. Russell K. Elleven, EdD, DMin, LPC, NCC, CFLE, VLCE, Chicago, IL


Books by our alumni: Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide, by Sayward Rebhal, VLCE; Vegan Pressure Cooking, by JL Fields, VLCE, also on our faculty teaching “Vegan Business”; The Answer Is Vegan, Carol Cymerint, RN, VLCE; and Animooves, by Jackie Demari Costello, LVCYT, VLCE

Another look at upcoming course dates:

  • Summer 2016: July 22-17 
  • Fall 2016: October 14-19
  • Spring 2017: March 31-April 5
  • Memorial Weekend 2017: May 26-31
  • Summer 2017: August 4-9
  • Fall 2017: November 3-8

For consideration as a student in an upcoming Main Street Vegan Academy course, please complete the online MSVA application. We will get back to you within 14 days to let you know of your acceptance.


  • Please apply only if you are (1) already vegan; (2) serious about attending the program; and (3) if you have the means to cover your tuition.
  • Full tuition (with a $200 discount for paying in advance) or a $495 nonrefundable deposit to hold your spot, must be received within 30 days of your acceptance or we cannot guarantee your place in class. Please do not apply if you are uncertain that this is something you want to you, or if you are not willing or able to pay your tuition or make a deposit within 30 days; we do not have the staff or resources to deal with frivolous applications.
  • Ours is a boutique program with 14 to 18 students per class. We understand that emergencies happen, but if you even suspect that something may interfere with your being able to take the course in which you’ve enrolled, please let us know sooner rather than later so we can fill the available spot.
  • If you opt to hold your space with a nonrefundable deposit, the balance of tuition is due within 30 days of the start of your course. Should you need a bit more time, you must let us know prior to the balance-due date or risk losing your deposit and your place in class.
  • Cancellation policy: The $495 deposit is nonrefundable, although it will be applicable to ONE other class if an emergency forces you to change your plans; if you fail to attend a second time, your deposit is forfeited. If you pay upfront to get the $200 discount, we hope that you feel quite certain that you’ll attend. Should some emergency arise, all but $495 of your payment will be refunded, and the $495 will be applicable to one later course.
Books from some of our faculty members:

Some books by our faculty: Running, Eating, Thinking, Martin Rowe, instructor for “Veganism and Environmental Ethics,” and featuring an essay from JL Fields, who teaches “When Your VLCE Means Business”; Shark Tank Jump Start Your Business, Michael Parrish Dudell, who teaches “Branding and Marketing for VLCEs”; Always Too Much and Never Enough, upcoming memoir from Jasmin Singer, who co-teaches “Animals Rights and Animal Law” with her partner, Mariann Sullivan, JD; Vegan Chocolate, from pastry chef Fran Costigan who teaches “The Art of the Food Demo,” and No Meat Athlete, by Matt Frazer, co-authored by instructor Matt Ruscigno, RD, who flies in from Southern California to teach for us when he can.

* * *

Graduates Praise Main Street Vegan Academy

Check out  blog post from Sayward Rebhal, VLCE, Santa Barbara:
Main Street Vegan Academy Will Change Your Life,” on the site


Field trip fashion. This is Vaute Couture - coats for women & men, fab daywear, & a new collection of evening gowns!

Field trip fashion: This is Vaute Couture – coats for women & men, chic daywear, & a new collection of evening gowns.

“No words can describe the positive and life-changing experience I had at MSVA! Thank you again for helping me on the path that I feel so passionate about!” ~ Stacy Morris, VLCE, Long Island, NY

“The academy was an incredible experience. All of the speakers were so inspirational and powerful.  I was amazed how humble and kind they were and how they were so willing to share.  I learned something valuable and different from each one of them.” ~ Vivien Straume, VLCE, Derwood, MD

“Victoria Moran creates a life-changing and revelatory experience for her students at Main Street Vegan Academy. The wealth of knowledge, passion, kindness and insight that Moran and her team of guest instructors bring to the course is nothing short of genius. My only complaint: having to leave when it was over.  ~ Colette Rice, VLCE, Sacramento, CA

And here’s a piece in from graduate Robin Patalon, VLCE, Fallston, MD:
“A Walk Down Main Street”

“I can’t fully express my gratitude to Victoria Moran for Main Street Vegan Academy! The class was an incredible experience. Not only did Victoria impart her knowledge to us, but she put together the most amazing line up of guest speakers. Spending time with so many like-minded people was extremely inspiring and this course was exactly what I needed to jump-start my vegan counseling business.” ~ Dianne Wenz, CHHC, AADP, VLCE, West Orange, NJ

“Blend professionalism with the generosity of a seasoned and delightful hostess. The result? Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy. This terrific 5-day course in NYC includes draws on veg-savvy experts who help, guide, and encourage participants to find their own pace to make veganism work best for them, for their clients, and the world. This course is an original – and worth every bit of the time and money you spend.” ~ Carol Schneider, VLCE, Boca Raton, FL

This lovely post comes from the “Mixed Green Blog” of Margie Cook, VLCE, Toronto:
“Main Street Vegan Academy Magic.”
Field trip fun: elf (eyes, lips, face) studio - cruelty-free cosmetic shop in NYC's Financial District

Field trip fun: elf (eyes, lips, face) studio – cruelty-free cosmetic shop in NYC’s Financial District

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for being a part of such an amazing course. I have learned and grown so much in such a short period of time and I will be role modeling and transferring my knowledge to as many people as I possibly can during my travels and throughout the rest of my life.” ~ Louella Monaghan, VLCE, Perth, Western Australia

Victoria’s compassion for animal beings and her clients infuses her instruction with an essence of understanding which enables MSVA graduates, to emerge after a short, productive week, as instruments of powerful change. The success of my early clients is a testament to the main Street Vegan Academy.” ~ Nina Hayes, VLCE, Boston, MA

 “I’ve picked up 3 clients Vegan Lifestyle Coaching clients since graduating from MSVA last month & I loved every second of the course. Thank you for equipping me with great tools and resources. Hearing the past graduates’ stories & how they set up their business was extremely helpful as well.” ~ Cortney Ostrosky, VLCE, Charleston, SC

“I am so excited to share that I will be working as a Humane Educator with the Ethical Choices Program beginning in a couple of weeks!  I am grateful for my VLCE certification and the amazing Main Street Vegan Academy – thank you, Victoria” ~ Sally Sanders, VLCE, Tallahassee, FL 

This is the first in a series of posts from one of our male grads, Lynn Price, VLCE, Charlotte, NC, on his blog, 

As someone new to the Vegan lifestyle, I thought I’d be in over my head but no worries!  This comprehensive course gave me the knowledge and skills I need to take this to the next level.  I’ve never enjoyed learning so much or meeting such inspiring, amazing contacts and friends.   I’m truly grateful for the experience.”  ~ Lynne Agnew, VLCE, Endicott, NY

This post is from the popular blog, Vegan Noms: “The Main Street Vegan Academy – A Life Changing Experience”

* * *

At graduation luncheon, Candle Cafe West: Sheila Williams (AZ), Karrin Perez (NJ),Bren Hamilton (CA),

At graduation luncheon, Candle Cafe West: Sheila Williams (AZ), Karrin Perez (NJ), Bren Hamilton (CA),


Victoria Moran, Founder and Director,
Carissa Staykov, VLCE, Registrar,
Main Street Vegan office phone: 212-289-1808