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General contact

To get in touch with Victoria about Vegan Lifestyle Coaching, or to inquire about Main Street Vegan Academy, email, or call the Main Street Vegan® office: (212) 289-1808.  

Media inquiries

Please feel free to be in touch with our office (212) 289-1808, or; or with Angela Januzzi,, (212) 366-2536, regarding interviews/appearances with Victoria and/or Adair.

Speaking engagements

Victoria is a longtime professional speaker with a vast resume of satisfied clients representing businesses, associations, religious and educational institutions, and health, animal rights, environmental and vegetarian/vegan conferences and festivals. If you are looking for a speaker for a VegFest or other vegan or animal rights event, please email Victoria directly ( or call our office, 212-289-1808. If you are a corporate or association meeting planner and prefer to work through a bureau, please contact:

Nancy Vogl

Nancy Vogl Speakers’ Bureau

(231) 421-1012 p; (231) 499-0085 cell

Click here to see one of Victoria’s presentations in full.

Spokesperson work

To discuss using Victoria for SMTs and other ways she can benefit your company as a spokesperson, feel free to contact us directly (;; 212-289-1808), or to go through one of these representing agencies:

Beth Shepard Communications
(413) 863-2268 p; (413) 221-1938 cell


Deborah Durham
Spokesperson Plus Network
(505) 310-2848