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Main Street Vegan Show Notes, August 24, 2016: Chinese Medicine Veganized & Be Fair Be Vegan Billboards

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Aug 24 Podcast

Veganism comes to the Crossroads of the World! Until September 4, 2016, tourists and theater-goers in Times Square, and conventioneers at the Jacob Javits Center, will be met with huge, slideshow billboards proclaiming, “Be Fair. Be Vegan,” showing beautiful portraits of animals who want to live and succinct copy educating passersby on what these animals sacrifice for our omelet, fish fillet, dairy food, shampoo, or sweater: they sacrifice their very lives.

Our first guest on this episode is Angel Flinn, spokesperson for the Be Fair Be Vegan billboard project, conceived and developed by Joanna Lucas, a former volunteer at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary in Colorado, and funded by an anonymous donor.


Facebook: BeFairBeVegan

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A request from Be Fair Be Vegan: The Times Square billboard is on the corner of 44th and Broadway, just over the Good Morning America studios. Please tweet and Facebook GMA, asking them to  “Look up!” and see this amazing work of art and activism.

A sample tweet might be:

.: Seen the huge billboard & 200 posters in  4 the largest animal justice campaign? Please cover this!
Please also contact the New York TimesToday Show, Fox & Friends, The Village Voice, Time Out NY, and all local NYC and suburban news outlets. And if you know Trekkies who are coming to town for the 50th anniversary Star Trek convention at the Javits Center, let them know about the billboards and ask them to share this information with their friends and traveling companions. And if you’re in or near NYC, don’t miss seeing these billboards: unless there’s an extension, they’ll be up only until September 4.

Heather Lounsbury, L.Ac., is the guest in our main guest spot today. She explains that Traditional Chinese Medicine holds to an ancient belief that “It takes blood to build blood,” the reason that vegans who see acupuncturists/TCM practitioners are often told that they need to change their diet. Not Dr. Lounsbury. As a vegan, she says, “This is the one place where Chinese medicine gets it wrong.”

And then she regales us with all that is oh, so right about this time-honored healing system, the conditions it helps, and her own speciality, mental health and mood medicine, as explored in her excellent book, Fix Your Mood with Food, featured on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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Dr. Lounsbury, until recently one of LA’s top acupuncturists, now lives in the South of France, but she does do phone consults. You may email her at

Blast from the past! The Main Street Vegan program prides itself in presenting every aspect of vegan living and all animal-free dietary and healing philosophies. While Chinese medicine appreciates the warmth and groundedness of cooked foods, we sometimes highlight experts who espouse a raw food diet. A 2012 episode showcased the work of Drs. Brian Clement and Anna-Maria Clement of  Hippocrates Health Institute: