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Main Street Vegan Show Notes, August 31, 2016: No Bread? No Beer? Well, Maybe…

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August 31Podcast

Andy Ramage, vegan founder of the UK-based One Year No Beer

A love of wellbeing and peak performance led Andy to stop drinking alcohol in the face of massive social pressure. This experience inspired him to co-create One Year No Beer- a 30, 90, and 365 day alcohol free challenge that has helped thousands of people around the world give up alcohol, whilst getting fit and healthy. One Year No Beer is a toolkit for surviving modern society alcohol free with tips for going to weddings, holidays, and Friday nights at the pub. Andy’s unique background, education, and experience make him one of the world’s leading habit change experts. He regularly speaks about peak performance and the psychology of habit change.


Facebook: Oneyearnobeer 

Twitter: @oynbuk

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JoAnn Farb, author of Get Off Gluten and Compassionate Souls: Raising the Next Generation to Change the World

Working as a microbiologist for a big pharmaceutical company, Joann saw first hand how her food choices were fueling terrible injustice and violence that she had been taught to “not see” and she immediately embraced veganism. Her first book, Compassionate Souls: Raising the Next Generation to Change the World, details her journey raising healthy, compassionate thinking children. Her second book, Get Off Gluten was written in response to her family’s need to go gluten free at a time when there weren’t other gluten-free vegan cookbooks emphasizing whole plant foods. JoAnn writes a blog where she posts gluten-free vegan recipes, writes critical reviews of published science, and speaks out on subjects of interest.


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Blast From the Past! Andy Ramage shared with us the positive points of the alcohol-free life, but if you like to have some spirits with your veggies, check out this early program we did with John Schilmm author of The Tipsy Vegan. He comes from an old Pennsylvania brewing family and has created tantalizing vegan fare with alcohol added. He also discusses outdoor grilling.