Meatless May & More*

*more solidarity
*more compassion
*more health
*more rights
*more sustainability
*more freedom
*more love
*more joy

“You never know what a man or a woman has inside: how much grit, courage, willingness to change. When someone draws on those qualities, you’re looking at a person of substance. And power. And promise. This world needs more of those.”

― Victoria Moran

Author of Main Street Vegan
Founder Main Street Vegan Academy

Get more Info on Meatless May

During this time when many Americans are cutting out or cutting back on meat, Main Street Vegan-certified Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators (VLCEs) are offering their services free of charge to answer your questions about delicious, nutritious, and affordable plant-based meals.

Get Free Help via Phone or Email

  • What is your question about plant-based eating? Would you prefer an email or telephone response? (Phone calls can be U.S. and Canada only.)

Online Seminars

in English

And we’re offering two free informational Zoom seminars on the basics of plant-based eating led by Holly Skodis, VLCE, and Sha-Hanna Soaper, VLCE, on:

  • Tuesday, May 26 8:00pm EST
  • Tuesday, June 2nd 8:00pm EST

Online Cooking Classes

In addition, JL Fields, VLCE, author of Fast & Easy Vegan Cookbook and coauthor of The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook, is offering free cooking classes via Zoom at 3 pm Eastern Time every Sunday during the COVID19 period.

Plant-Powered Challenge

And finally, Main Street Vegan-certified coach, Heather Dahman VonDarling, VLCE, is offering through her company, The Veg Academy, a free 7-Day Plant-Powered Challenge starting May 25.

Challenge participants will receive a free vegan swap guide to help them find alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs and a 7-day meal plan with recipes included. Join the Challenge!


Benbella Books, publisher of The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook, is making these available at 50% off the cover price by using this link and the code MSV50 for the print book, or MSVEBOOK for the e-book.

We are proud to be joining forces with the League of United Latin American Citizens and their Meatless May campaign to support the workers in meat-processing plants who are at high risk for COVID19:

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