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Show Notes Sept. 30: Protein Addiction & the Obesity Crisis + 2 Saved Chicks

Listen to Podcast 093015: We open with an animal rights story with Danielle Legg, registrar for Main Street Vegan Academy and assistant to pastry chef Fran Costigan, cookbook authors Annie and Dan Shannon, Candle Cafe and Candle owners Joy Pierson and Bart Potenza, and me. And her roommate owns Dunwell Doughnuts. In other words: she knows the NYC vegan scene inside and out. Danielle lives in Brooklyn and there’s a chicken slaughterhouse in her neighborhood. For her 35th birthday last month, she wanted to save a chicken, so she asked. Now, she’d already spoken with a couple of the workers there; she was always nice, and even though they knew she was vegan and opposed their line of work, the lines of communication were open, so when she asked for a chicken to take to the new Skylands Animal Sanctuary in New Jersey, they said yes. A few days later, she brought them vegan doughnuts to say thanks. They said, “What do we owe you for the doughnuts?” She started to say, “Nothing,” but then blurted out, “I’d really like another chicken,” and they gave her one.

Only problem: These two girls are broilers, a very different kind of chicken from the egg layers currently living at Skylands. In order to accommodate the new residents, they’re having to build a separate chicken house, at an expense Danielle had not expected to shackle them with. To defray the costs, she’s established a crowd-funding venture: Thanks for helping if you can. And follow Danielle on Twitter @ThisGirlIsVeg.

Then we were joined by Garth Davis, MD, a Houston bariatric surgeon and plant-based physician whose brand new book, Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About Ittells the truth about the health and obesity crisis in no uncertain terms. And he and co-author Howard Jacobson, Ph.D, do this in a way that’s so gripping, you’d think you were reading a novel. Everyone who eats food could learn something from this book — and anyone practicing medicine needs to read it. On the show, Dr. Davis says some brilliant stuff. When I asked him about the docs who go on TV and spout the old high-protein line, he said, “They act as if science doesn’t exist.” Enough said.

Note: I didn’t get a chance to read Proteinaholic before the interview, but I have now and it is stunning — a real page-turner: friendly, funny in places, and presents the scientific info brilliantly for lay readers. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any vegan (and their paleo pals). ~ VM

Find Dr. Davis on Twitter @DrGarthDavis and on Facebook.

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