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MSV Podcast June 1, 2016: Fish Think, & One Man’s Ayurvedic Story

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June 1 2016

We open today’s program with Amish Shah of Ancient Health Care, a company dedicated to extending the knowledge of the ancient Indian health care system, Ayurveda, across the globe through articles, online courses, herbal supplements, and their first documentary, Ancient Health Care, coming in late fall 2016. On the show, Amish shares with us his story of failing health in his late twenties and returning to his Ayurvedic roots to restore wellbeing.


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(Note: In most of its iterations, Ayurveda tends to be lacto-vegetarian, but rarely vegan, due a culinary and medicinal dependence on ghee, clarified butter. It is fully possible to be a vegan and practice Ayurveda, however. A wonderful book on the subject is the The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen, by Talya Lutzker. Tanya appeared on our podcast a while back; here is the direct link to that program:

After the break, we welcome returning guest Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D, an ethologist, i.e., expert in animal behavior. Jonathan’s latest book is What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousinsand it offers stunning evidence of the vitality, creativity, and intelligence of animals who live in the water.


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Twitter: @tadaridaman

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Blast from the past! If this subject intrigues you, check out an earlier show we did with Jonathan, accompanied by Mary Finelli of The direct link is: