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MSV Podcast Nov. 25, 2015: Philip Wollen and Hope Bohanec

Listen to Episode 112515: Wow. I thought last week’s show with Kris Carr and Raw Sikora was going to hold the super-inspiring title for a good long time, but gosh, today’s episode matches it for sure. I feel so humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to speak with such incredible people and share the conversations with you.

Today’s show opens with Hope Bohanec of United Poultry Concerns. She’s the author of The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat? Hope is also the writer of a powerful recent post, “Stop Saying Factory Farming,” which suggests that because the raising and killing of animals for food is a tragedy by any stretch, focusing on factory farming implies that raising animals by other methods might be acceptable. It’s a fascinating take on the subject and an article well worth reading.

Main stage guest today is Philip Wollenthe Australian philanthropist and former Citibank VP who burst onto the vegan scene in 2012 when his impassioned debate speech, “Animals Should Be Off the Menu,” went viral. Some of his moving quotations on the show today include:

“Dairies are gulags of despair.”

“Vegetarian cows have become the largest ocean predators” (due to their consumption of fish meal).

“If people would get off the meat and dairy drug, farmers are the ones with the most to gain.”

“Peace is not just the absence of war; it is the presence of justice. Until there is justice for all, there will never be peace.”

“Veganism is the Swiss Army Knife of the future: it solves so many issues.”

“Being vegan allows you to live such an elegant life. It defines your character. It means you oppose violence wherever you see it.”

And at the end of the interview when I ask what really matters to him, he responds: “How gently you live; how carefully you relate to others; and how graciously you let go of what’s not for you. Meat is not for you.”

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  1. Dara Wedel says:

    I have been watching Philip Wollen’s debate speech repeatedly – this really is talk you can FEEL! Thank you Victoria for introducing me to Philip, Hope and so many others I wouldn’t have known about without your show. Grateful and inspired! x