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Miss Liberty

You are listening to “A Sanctuary Song,” lyrics and music by Daniel Redwood, arrangements and orchestration by Gerald Trottman, vocals by Angie Trottman. “A Sanctuary Song” is the signature song for Miss Liberty. It is also available on Daniel Redwood’s album Songs for Animals, People & the Earth. For more information about Miss Liberty, please read the information below while you enjoy this moving song. We also invite you to follow @MissLibertyFilm on Twitter. 

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Main Street Vegan Productions is proud to announce its new feature film, Miss Liberty, in pre-production in conjunction with Choice Films. Miss Liberty, written by Victoria Moran, William Melton, and Tony Glazer is the delightful story of a cow who escapes from a slaughterhouse and transforms the lives of a colorful cast of characters (see Synopsis below). Gene Baur, cofounder and president of Farm Sanctuary, is our co-executive  producer.

Miss Liberty is a touching story that has never before been told in this genre, and it has the power to transform attitudes about the profound beauty that comes when we give animals a chance to live peacefully. America will love this movie.”  ~ Jasmin Singer, cofounder, Our Hen House     


A cow escapes from a slaughterhouse in a small Midwestern town, and finds refuge in the backyard of computer technician and single dad, Bob Sanders. Bob is owed money by Jack Parnell, Sr., the slaughterhouse owner, and he seizes the cow as collateral.

But events quickly escalate beyond a simple case of unpaid debt. Patricia Levinson (aka, “Cow Patty”), well known for her pro bono legal work on behalf of animals, arrives in town from the big city to head up the defense. Unfortunately for Bob, Patricia has more on her mind than simply getting him his money. She turns the case into an animal rights cause célèbre, and uses it as a platform to attack the inhumane and illegal procedures that are routine at Parnell’s slaughterhouse.

Jason Levinson, Patricia’s philandering ex-husband, soon shows up in town. He is also a lawyer, representing “the Association,” which has a strong interest in not allowing the case to succeed. The recent demise of their marriage — which had largely taken Patricia from her beloved animal rights work, forcing her to return to a staid law firm and a paycheck — is still simmering.

The story plays out against the backdrop of the battle by Patricia to save the cow, known as Miss Liberty, and to challenge the illegal operating practices of the slaughterhouse. However, Miss Liberty is not just about the cow.

The contentious relationship of Patricia and Jason impacts their handling of the lawsuit. At the same time, Bob has to contend not only with the case, but with his ex-wife’s decision to pursue a lucrative writing career in LA,  limiting his time with their two children. And while fighting to save Miss Liberty, Patricia is dealing with pressure from the unsupportive law firm where she works.

Miss Liberty’s other unique characters, include Jack, Jr. (aka “Jackass”), the ne’er-do-well son of Jack Parnell, Sr., and “Shakespeare,” the Mexican-American slaughterhouse supervisor who experiences a dramatic change of heart from his encounter with Patricia and Miss Liberty.

All these characters and story lines come together to present an entertaining, humorous, and heartwarming film, while at the same time addressing important societal issues in a manner suitable for family audiences.

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“Smart, funny, thought-provoking — this is a riveting story that conveys the message of animal liberation in a way that’s subtle, but powerful, too. The time is ripe for Miss Liberty.” ~ Gene Baur, author of Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food