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MSV Show Notes Dec. 9, 2015: Veganuary + Dr. Michael Greger & How Not to Die

MSV Episode 120915: I hope I’m mature enough not to gush like a teenager too often over wonderful guests and their books, projects, etc., but today I failed. I’m a Michael Greger groupie and I believe his book How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease,  co-authored with writer’s writer Gene Stone, is incredibly important. It’s changed how I eat, and I thought I was doing everything right already. This is an amazing read. He starts by tackling dietary approaches to overcoming the 15 biggest killers of people in the Western world, all information derived directly from the scientific literature, and then details the “Daily Dozen” for avoiding these.

Here is Dr. Greger’s “Daily Dozen”

from How Not to Die (c) 2015 by Michael Greger, MD, with Gene Stone

  1. Beans – 3 1/2 cup servings
  2. Berries – 1 serving
  3. Other fruit – 3 servings
  4. Cruciferous (cabbage-family) vegetables – 1 serving
  5. Greens – 2 servings
  6. Other vegetables – 2 servings
  7. Flaxseeds – 1 serving
  8. Nuts – 1 serving
  9. Spices – 1/4 tsp. turmeric plus other spices
  10. Whole grains – 3 servings
  11. Beverages (water, hibiscus tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, coffee) – 5 servings
  12. Exercise, which he calls “a nutrient,” 40 minutes vigorous activity or 90 minutes moderate-intensity activity

Dr. Greger’s site, www.nutritionfacts.orgoffers a daily minute-long video of groundbreaking nutritional information drawn straight from the scientific literature; subscriptions are free and donations are accepted. The site is also a treasure trove of archival videos addressing a vast array of foods, conditions, and questions. Find him on Facebook and on Twitter at .

We opened the show with a winner, too: the lovely Jane Land, cofounder of Veganuary, who joined us from England telling us about the incredible success of this go-vegan-for-January plan. This is an online support system that has made thousands of January vegans, and thousands among those who have remained vegan — even though the 2016 Veganuary kickstart will be only the third time it’s happened! Learn more at:

And on their Facebook page:

And the Veganuary Facebook group, which you can encourage your non-vegan relatives and friends to join, and which we vegans can join, as well, to offer support to the many “newbies” who turn to the group for guidance and information:

Cool news from the Main Street Vegan Show: our Google download rankings have risen 68% in the past year. This is thanks to YOU for being a listener and telling your friends. Thank you most sincerely.

Blast from the past: Visiting today from the Rochester, NY, area is Kerry Graff, MD, who sat in on the show. She is coauthor with J. Morris Hicks of the wonderful little change-your-life book, The 4 Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health, and she and Mr. Hicks were guests on the podcast back in August of 2015. Listen to that episode here or find it in the Archives under the title, “New Vegans and Plant-based Health.”



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  2. Loretta (and anyone else who had trouble accessing this episode) — I was in touch with our engineer at home over the weekend and thought we had this fixed on Saturday. I’m dismayed that you’re still having trouble. Let me call Kansas City and see what can be done to get this working for you. In the meantime, can you clear your cache and try again? Sometimes when there’s been a problem that’s been fixed, clearing your cache enables you to access the corrected content. My sincere apologies for this inconvenience.