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MSV Show Notes: January 13, 2016 – Raw Girl (Esosa E.) & Renaissance Woman (Kimberly Wilson)

MSV Episode 01132016* – First, my apologies for being a few days late with the show notes. Here’s the info on this inspiring episode:

Esosa E., aka The Raw Girl, is a vegan natural beauty and detox expert, creator of the blog Raw Girl in a Toxic World, author of The Acne-Free Diet; Parasites Be Gone!; Raw Girl’s 7-Day Detox for Beauty, Weight Loss, and Rejuvenation; and Got Veg: How to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet, her newest book for which I wrote the foreword. Esosa is also an actress and one of the stars of the hit international show, An African City, cited as “Sex and the City for Africa.”

Find Esosa here:

Health blog:

Acting site:

Season 1 of An African City on YouTube: (You’ll be able to watch Season 2 on VHX and on EbonyLifeTV.)

Esosa is also a committed Christian who engages in fasting for spiritual growth and connection. We’ll have her on again, hopefully during the Easter season, to talk about this.

Kimberly Wilson, VLCE, is the brains (and beauty!) behind Tranquility du Jour, the blog, podcast, and lifestyle brand for this dynamic yoga instructor and Washington DC yoga studio owner (Tranquil Space, named among the Top 25 Yoga Stduios in the world); designer of the eco-friendly TranquiliT lifestyle fashion line; creator of Tranquility perfume; licensed therapist; animal activist; Main Street Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator; and lifestyle guru for many thousands of women (and men), as she brings style, health, spirituality, compassion, and joy to her many fields of endeavor.

Discover Kimberly and how her delightful take on life can inspire you at:


Twitter: @KimberlyWilson

Instagram: @TranquilityduJour

And she’ll be doing a wonderful virtual retreat on Saturday, March 5, 2016, 10 a.m. to 4 pm Eastern U.S. Time, in which we can all participate from our own homes. The day will begin and end with a live video virtual chat, and will include videos, MP3s, and meditations in which participants can take part throughout the day. Get full info at

And here’s some wisdom from Kimberly for the taking. Create tranquility in your life by:

  • Creating space in your schedule, a buffer. Don’t schedule commitments back to back. Plan to arrive early. Allow yourself time and space for calmness to develop and dwell.
  • Learn to use your breath. The most valuable technique is the yogic, 3-part breath: inhaling through the nose and lifting the belly, the ribs, and then the chest. To exhale, allow the chest, the ribs, and then the belly to deflate.
  • Making time for what’s important to you, especially early in the day. Start your day by refilling your personal copy

Blast from the past: If you loved hearing from Esosa and Kimberly (and who wouldn’t?), you’ll also enjoy Chloe Jo Davis of She’s a longtime NYC style setter and fashion/beauty blogger whose life was transformed by ethical veganism. She’s now also a wife and the super-natural mom of three adorable vegan boys under five, and she contributed her story to my latest book, The Good Karma Diet. The direct link to the podcast featuring Chloe Jo is: (She also has a lot to say about the ex-vegan phenomenon.)

*This is the direct link to the episode with Kimberly and Esosa. To see all episodes, or listen to listen one via iTunes or Stitcher, you can go to