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MSV Show Notes: January 20, 2016: The Town that Health Built AND Peace on Earth

radioMSVEpisode01202016: My advice at the outset — the winter acronym (think: city in India): GOA — Go out anyway. When it’s cold and the temptation is to simply veg (not in a good way), I’m telling myself this year to go out anyway. It helps.

We open the show with former mayor Ed Smith of Marshall, Texas, and his dynamic other half, Amanda Smith. Together, they’re the nonstop energy behind the annual Healthfest (coming the first weekend of April) and the impetus for the upcoming documentary film, The Marshall Planhighlighting how this First Couple’s adoption of a plant-based diet has transformed the health and food choices of a large segment of the population in this East Texas city of 26,000.

Healthfest dates: April 1-3. Marshall is a 45-minute drive from Shreveport, LA, or a 2-hour drive from Dallas.

Speakers to include: Garth Davis, MD, Neal Barnard, MD, Michael Greger, MD, Chef AJ, Miyoko Schinner, Trayce McQuirter, Joel Kahn, MD, and me



Veg World Magazine, recently purchased by the Smiths: — With their ownership, subscriptions to this in-depth digital ‘zine were recently lowered from $29.99 per annum to only $9.99, and the quality and content are better than ever.

Then we welcomed to the podcast vegan and animal advocate, Paul K. Chappell, West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, who sees that war and animal oppression have the same root. This is a fascinating examination into “waging peace” and how the root of violence — between countries and between humans and other species could be our propensity for tool making. Seriously. Have a listen.



Paul’s Amazon author page and his 5 books:

Blast from the past! The Smiths referred several times in their interview to former Austin firefighter Rip Esselstyn, who was instrumental in getting the first Healthiest going. Rip was a delightful guest, along with his sister, Jane Esselstyn, coauthor of the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook, last winter: