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MSV Show Notes: March 23, 2016: Yoga for Weight Loss + Vegan Interior Design

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Kastner and Scott

Two lovely vegan women headline today:

Kathleen Kastner, MS, had a fresh Masters in exercise physiology when she traveled from Kansas to Southern California and landed a job as a personal trainer — Deepak Chopra’s personal trainer! The renowned wellness guru introduced her to yoga and she’s been a yogini ever since and a vegan since 2002. She is a Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor in Encinitas, CA, and her beautiful new book is Yoga’s Path to Weight Loss: A Mind, Body, Spirit Guide to Loving Yourself Lean.



Twitter: @ashtangagirl

Instagram: @kathleenyoga


Shannon Scott is the Principal and Founder of Shannon Scott Design in Los Olives, CA. A lifelong vegetarian and longtime vegan, Shannon is one of the few vegan interior designers working with not just green but cruelty-free materials, and a longterm mission of her company is to open an animal sanctuary in the Santa Ynez Valley in 2020. In this fascinating interview, she shares about the art and craft of interior design and how we can veganize our own homes and offices.



Blast from the past: ‘Love yoga? Meet my very first yoga teacher, Stella Cherfas — she’s 91 and still teaches 3 classes a week in London! Hear this delightful interview on the January 21, 2015, episode — my other esteemed guest is Dr. Neal Barnard. Direct link: