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MSV Show Notes: March 30, 2016: Veg Doc & Omni Doc in the Great Diet Debate!

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What an informative and, I would say, peacemaking episode! It was less a debate than a search for commonality. My guests were Garth Davis, MD, bariatric surgeon and author of Proteinaholic, and Neil Floch, MD, bariatric surgeon and faculty member at the University of Vermont. Dr. Davis is vegan, and Dr. Floch recommends a “high protein, low-carb, good fats” diet, but guess what: we had a very civil and informative conversation. I wish these guys were running for President!

I want to note here, as I do in my introduction to the episode, that I did not do this program to cause anyone to question being vegan. I am vegan for ethical reasons; I believe it to also be a healthy way to eat; and none of that is changing. I also recognize that most people — and most physicians — are not in our camp. Without understanding where they’ve coming from, how can we have intelligent dialog? That’s the purpose of today’s show, and if I can find another omnivorous doctor in a different specialty who’ll come on the program with a plant-based peer, I’ll do this again.

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Blast from the past: Both of today’s guests help morbidly obese patients lose weight through surgery. Phil McCluskey, however, avoided surgery — after he was scheduled, insurance-approved, and all the rest — by discovering raw foods and veganism. This episode features Phil and his inspiring story of losing 250 pounds and gaining a new life and calling: