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MSV Show Notes: March 9, 2014: Dr. Greger Returns: How Not to Die … Again! + Vegan Street and the 500th Meme

Listen to this episode:


Michael Greger, the brilliant (and entertaining) M.D. behind and the New York Times best-seller How Not to Die returns to answer your questions and give us more insights into living long and well by adding delicious foods to our diets. Follow him on Twitter @Nutrition_Facts and get his new app for iPhone and Android: Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen.

The show opener is Marla Rose of Vegan Street (Vegan Street on Facebook and @VeganStreetCom on Twitter), celebrating their 500th fabulous meme. three of which are shown here.


And there’s a pop-in call from Thomas Campbell, M.D., coauthor of The China Study, to let us know about the 7-Day Health Immersion in Rochester, NY, at a beautiful hotel/spa July 17 to 24, 2016. You’ll spend the week with Dr. Campbell, his iconic dad T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, and other experts — a real life-changer. If you register before March 31, you save $500, so check out this amazing opportunity now:

Blast from the past! If you enjoyed Dr. Greger on today’s show, check out Part I of this interview on a podcast episode from December 2015:




  1. Great job with the show guys! Big fan of Dr Greger’s work too!

    Recently featured you in my top 29 health and fitness podcasts – feel free to give it a share with your listeners!

    Keep up the awesome work!