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MSV Show Notes, May 25, 2016: How Many Vegans Are There? – with VRG’s Charles Stahler

Link to listen direct: Our apologies: there’s a delay in uploading this episode. It will be available for you at on Tuesday May 31st.


Charles Stahler of the Vegetarian Resource Group regales us with fascinating info about the latest VRG Harris Poll on numbers of vegans and vegetarians in America, who we are, what we’re about, and how many semi-vegetarians and “pregans” are out there encouraging companies to provide more vegan foods and other products.

Find Charles and the good work of the VRG at:


Facebook: theVegetarianResourceGroup

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Blog: TheVRGBlog

Blast from the past! Charles has been a vegan since 1977 and Vegetarian Resource has been a force for good in the world for decades. If you enjoyed hearing his take on all things vegan, you’ll want to listen to this episode with Freya Dinshahcofounder of the American Vegan Society in 1960 and still going strong with a great message:


  1. Cyndi Rook says:

    Great “on the fly” podcast. Without the intro, no one would have been the wiser. Charles Stahler and the VRG continue be quiet heroes in the vegan movement. I was especially thankful that the political leanings of vegans was discussed, as it doesn’t happen nearly enough. As a left-leaning centrist vegan married to a retired Air Force officer and avowed conservative vegan, I find myself considering this often. The movement, the animals need all of us regardless of political affiliation and we really can’t afford short-sighted biases. Few people even attempt to bridge this apparent chasm, and Victoria, I do sincerely appreciate every time you’ve approached it.

    • Victoria Victoria says:

      Thanks, Cyndi. I have always seen that veganism expresses the best in both liberal and conservative thinking. It deals with care of others and concern for the oppressed, important values for people on the Left, and it deals with self-determination, freedom of choice, and making one’s own way, deeply held tenets of the Right. It seems to me like something even Congress ought to be able to agree on!