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MSV Show Notes Nov. 25: NFL Lineman David Carter + Vegan Travel

MSV Podcast 112515: In the upcoming film, Concussion, the NFL is referred to as “a corporation that owns a day of the week.” And guess who’s there? Vegans! Not many yet, but a few amazing men, including today’s guest, David Carter — a guy so compassionate and inspiring, I just may have to become a football fan. Here’s a quote:

“A man is supposed to take care of his family. If you’re dead, you can’t do that. That’s not manly.”


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And for you travel buffs, we opened the show with a chat with Dana Roberts, half of the Plant-Based Traveler team with her partner, Lou Gemunden, doing video production focused on exploring the the world through character-driven content. Either up or in the works on their YouTube channel are Peru, Paris, Berlin, and New York City. You can also find them on Instagram @PlantBasedTraveler.

Blast from the Past: We love our athletes! Check out this episode with ultra-marathoner Rich Roll, who has been called the “world’s fittest man” — MSVPodcast121912