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MSV Show Notes, November 18, 2015: Kris Carr and Rae Sikora

Listen to Podcast 111815: Crazy Sexy Cancer’s inimitable Kris Carr joins us to discuss her new book, Crazy Sexy Juice.

Kris is a multi-week New York Times best-selling author and health advocate. Her books and film include the groundbreaking Crazy Sexy Cancer series, Crazy Sexy Diet, and Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Kris regularly lectures at medical schools, hospitals, wellness centers, corporations such as Whole Foods and Harvard University. TV appearances include: the Today show, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News and The Oprah Winfrey Show. As an irreverent foot soldier in the fight against disease, Kris inspires countless people to take charge of their health and happiness by adopting a plant-based diet, improving lifestyle practices and learning to live and love with passion.

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On Twitter @Kris_Carr

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We’re then joined by a true light of compassion within the vegan/animal rights movement, Rae Sikora, co-author of Plant Peace Daily: Everyday Outreach for People Who Care.

Rae has been a spokesperson for animals, the environment and human rights for over 30 years. Her programs have been changing people’s vision of what is possible to create in our lives and in the world. Rae has worked internationally with participants ranging from teachers, students and prisoners to businesses and activists. As co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education, Rae created interactive critical thinking tools that are now being used by people around the globe. She holds degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Environmental Education from the University of Wisconsin. Rae draws from years of experience to help individuals and groups discover how implementing changes personally/locally can bring about positive change globally. She is co-founder/co-director of Plant Peace Daily and co-founder of VegFund. Additionally, Rae was recently inducted into the North American Vegetarian Society’s Hall of Fame.

Her website is

And her blog is She is on sabbatical from Facebook – the kind of thing someone as clear and focused as Rae would do!

Blast from the past: This is actually Kris Carr‘s second appearance on the Main Street Vegan Show. Listen to her in the long-form interview segment back in 2013. Here’s the direct link: