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MSV Shows Notes: April 27, 2016 — Minimalist Baker + Animals in Islam

April 27 2016

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Such a party! I’m here with Rindala Alajaji, VLCE, a recent Main St. Vegan Academy graduate, and an NYU freshman. Rindala is from Saudi Arabia and the perfect cohost for our program looking at veganism/vegetarianism and animals in Islam. (Find Rindala on Twitter @Riindala and on Instagram @Rindala) First, though, we meet mega-blogger Dana Shultz, known throughout vegan-land and foodie-dom as the Minimalist Baker, known for ease in creating yummy animal-free and allergy-friendly baked goods. She’s now expanded in both her blog and brand new (fabulous!) book, The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cookingto include dishes of all sorts.

Find Dana on social media at:

Website: MinimalistBaker

Facebook: MinimalistBaker

Twitter: MinimalistBaker

Instagram: @MinimalistBaker

Then we welcome to the program Princeton chaplain Imam Sohaib Sultan, a delightful, upbeat storyteller and scholar, and a champion of animal rights (we learned about him from Peta founder Ingrid Newkirk). Listen in for enchanting stories — did you know, for instance, that Solomon’s army was believed to have stopped in its course to keep from killing a group of ants? — and a unique take on one of the world’s great religions from the author of The Koran for Dummies.


Twitter: @SohaibNSultan

Blast from the past! We’ve had fascinating representatives from the religions of the world on the show. Listen here to Rabbi Steven Fuchs and Richard Schwartz, Ph.D, of Jewish Vegetarians of North America: