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September 28, 2016: Fitness for Mortals + Vegan: Everyday Stories

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An upbeat and lively podcast today with Eric Day, filmmaker of Vegan: Everyday Stories, and food and fitness maven, Ellen Jaffe Joneswhose latest book is Vegan Fitness for Mortals. 

Eric’s info:

Vegan: Everyday Stories examines the lives of four real-life vegans: a 9-year-old activist, an ultra marathoner who over came trauma and addiction, a Texan who turned her husband’s cattle ranch into a farmed animal sanctuary, and a Santa Rosa food truck proprietor who makes vegan culinary magic on wheels. This film is available free online. You can find links to the film on iTunes and Amazon at the website.




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Ellen’s info:

Book: Vegan Fitness for Mortals (see also Eat Vegan on $4 a Day; Kitchen Divided; and Paleo Vegan)






Blast from the past! Two of the vegans whose lives are explored in Vegan: Everyday Stories have been guests on the podcast — 9-year-old wunderkind Genesis Butlershared the program with TV Chef Jason Wrobel in August of this year — — cattleman’s wife-turned-Sanctuary-proprietor Renee King Sonnen was on the program last summer with Jennifer Cornbleet, author of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People:


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