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Show Notes ~ Aug. 26, 2015: A Hot Spot in LA, a Hot Doc in DC!

This week’s Main Street Vegan podcast — click here to access — opens with Amy Rebecca of the new Venice, CA, hot spot Vegan Scene —, and @VeganScene on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s a retail, event, educational (cooking and fitness classes), and soon-to-be noshing space — “a vegan Studio 54 with more quinoa.”

Our MainStage guest is Milton Mills, MD, and I apologize for an extra-long break (it’s the only break so we don’t actually miss showtime), but Dr. Mills was working the overnight shift the night before and, simply, slept through his call time. (My dad was a doctor. They do stuff like that. It’s part of saving lives and delivering babies….) Anyway, once he’s on (at 22 past the hour, if you keep track of such things), it’s an amazing interview, about the real Paleo diet, the diet-and-health concerns of minority communities, and the epidemic of digestive disorders affecting even young and otherwise healthy people. Happy listening.

Blast from the past: If you enjoyed hearing Dr. Mills, check out the March 19, 2014, show with Joel Fuhrman, MD, New York Times Bestselling author of Eat to Live.