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Show Notes: Buddhism, Jainism, Veganism

I’m starting something new, an after-show posting of notes pertaining to the previous live episode of the Main Street Vegan Show. I know lots of listeners are running or driving or otherwise unable to make notes of websites, etc., and hope this supplement will be of some help.

Yesterday’s show featured Buddhist Bob Isaacson and Jain Saurabh Dalal, discussing the vegan ethic in light of the teachings of their faiths, both ahimsa-based religions with nonviolence at their core. Bob was representing Dharma Voices for Animals, an organization dedication to connecting all Buddhists with the eclectic compassion taught by the Buddha; here’s their Facebook page.

Saurabh recommended a couple of books: The Jaina Path of Purification, by Prof. Jaini; and  Life Force: The World of Jainism, by Michael Tobias. A listener also forwarded me a video lecture on Jainism from the late historian Rynn Berry, a great friend of both Saraubh’s and mine. Here’ the link for viewing that.

In addition, I harkened back in this show to the previous week’s episode and guests J. Morris Hicks and Kerry Graff, MD, whose little book, 4Leaf Guide to Vibrant Health can be a real wakeup call for some of us vegans who think we’re eating whole plant foods but may be falling a bit short on the “whole” part. They’ve devised a really enlightening, short survey, which you can take here, to see how your eating habits, overall or on a daily basis, stack up against the gold standard of 80% of calories from whole plant foods. I’m a sucker for a good quiz . . . .

‘See you next week on the Main Street Vegan Show when our guests will be Amy Rebecca of SoCal’s super-cool new Vegan Space, and DC-based physician, Milton Mills, MD. Please let other people know about the program/podcast, and if you can give us a 5* rating on iTunes, and maybe leave a glowing review, I’d be most grateful. Thanks for listening and for all you do to make this a saner world. ~ Victoria

PS ~ I thought I’d add a Blast from the Past section to the Show Notes to connect you with earlier shows on a similar subject. If you were blown away by today’s show — several people have written to comment that they were indeed — you’ll probably also enjoy the November 5, 2014 show with hip-hop mogul and yogi Russell Simmons, and his yoga guru, Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti Yoga.



  1. There’s a good documentary on Jainism also by Tobias, “Ahimsa Nonviolence”. It’s on youtube. The intro is a violent but after that it is a very good look at how Jains live out ahimsa. Here’s the link.

  2. Thanks, Nick – I’ll be watching for sure. Jainism has fascinated me since I first learned tiny bits about it in elementary school.