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Show Notes Sept. 9: A French Novel and Good Health American-Style!

Listen to Podcast 090915: This episode features two lovely women, one in Paris and one in northern California, veganizing this world in clever and creative ways. Elisabeth Lyman is an American living the dream in the French capital. She moved to Paris as a vegetarian and became vegan in her adopted country known for cuisine that is hardly plant-centric. Elisabeth is the translator of Armand Chauvel‘s enchanting novel, The Green and the Red, a love story between the owner of a vegetarian restaurant and a man who masquerades as a vegetarian in his quest to get her property for a pork museum. The book is published by Ashland Creek Press, a vegan-owned publishing house in Oregon.

And returning to the show for her second visit is Lani Muelrath, a longtime teacher and ethical vegetarian who lost 50 pounds after shifting to a whole-foods, plant-exclusive diet. Her brand new book, The Plant-Based Journey, has a preface by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D,  a foreword by Neal Barnard, MD, and endorsements from a slew of impressive people, including Academy Award-winning film director James Cameron. Based on hundreds of interviews and Lani’s own process (over 40 years lacto-vegetarian, 10 years vegan), the book is a 5-step process of moving toward full dietary veganism: Awakening, Scout, Rookie, Rockstar, and Champion. The book is also spiced with easy, tasty recipes: Pumpkin Muffins, Game Changer Chili, Country Comfort Corn Bread, Portobello Pot Roast, Cranberry Sauce with Dates & Oranges, and Rice Cooker Baked Apples. You can find Lani on Facebook and Twitter @LaniMuelrath.

I also bring up on this show the vintage book — actually the first book on vegetarian living I ever read, back when I was seventeen — that I’m rereading now: Why Kill for Food? by Geoffrey L. Rudd. The book was published in 1956 and the explanation of its preface is: “The need for reason a philosophy of life.” It’s a look at compassionate living we don’t often see nowadays. If you can get hold of a used copy or if your library can search out a copy for you, you’d be a richer person for having read it.

Blast from the Past: If Lani’s weight loss story inspires you, you’ll enjoy the February 6, 2013, show with Ryan Andrews, MS, MA, RD, author of Drop the Fat Act and Live Lean. Ryan “gets it” about food and weight issues in a way few professionals do; he has very helpful insights. Listen here: