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Show Notes Sept. 16: Vegan UK & Lifelong Fitness

Listen to Podcast 091615: I’m writing this on a total high from spending the last forty minutes with Jim Morris, the 80-year-old vegan bodybuilder, Mr. America 1973, who is a testament to both lifelong health and fitness and to reverence for all life. Jim is the subject of an extremely inspiring short video called Jim Morris Lifetime Fitness; he’s also done this video interview for PETA. Our talk together deals with his story, his love for dogs (and his belief that we should phase out “pet ownership”), his path to veganism, and how he stays ripped at 80 years of age. I asked if he lost any strength or muscle mass when he went vegan. His response: “All I lost was fat.”

And we start this episode on a high note, as well, with a repeat visit from Tim Barford of VegFestUK. He shared that the festival this year – London: October 11 and 12 — is emphasizing health on Saturday and ethics on Sunday, and that veganism is so much more than a diet, although we have amazing food to eat and that’s part of the joy of this way of life. Tim also shares on the show about vegan Member of Parliament Kerry McCarthy, recently appointed to the Shadow Cabinet on Agriculture by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Mrs. McCarthy, along with such vegan luminaries as strongman Patrik Baboumian, Australian vegan biz whiz Katrina Fox, raw food luminaries Kate Magic, Karen Knowler, and Karen Ranzi; Dr. Melanie Joy; and Prof. Gary Frnacione; as well as such unusual additions as a debate on whether a raw or cooked vegan diet is better; a Kids’ Area, Teen Vgn Zone, and a Mature Zone; Comedy Hours; a Health Summit for vegan health professionals; and a Vegan Bodybuilding Contest. I’ll be there and if you can be, too, well, we’re both really lucky. (I’ll speak on “The Look Great, Feel Amazing Age Later Lifestyle” on Saturday, and on Sunday on “Attraction Activism and the Good Karma Life” – 3 pm both days.)

Blast from the Past: Raw vegan power lifter, the UK grandmother Pat Reeves ~ Podcast 040115


  1. Hi Victoria, love the podcast and look forward to meeting you at the VegFest UK next month! Tim mentioned three of his favourite vegan restaurants in London. I got the 222 Veggie Vegan, but couldn’t catch the names of the other ones (despite listening to that part again and again). Could you please list them? Thank you!

  2. Restaurants from Tim:

    222 Veggie Vegan

    La Suite RAW

    another personal favourite of mine is Vantra