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Show Notes Nov. 5: Ex-Pig Farmer & Smarties Candy Exec

Podcast 110515: We all work and most of us want our careers to express our values. Today’s show is about two people doing that in vastly different ways. One, a pig farmer, had to give up his occupation when his ethics evolved, and he’s now a veganic (no animal-derived fertilizers) vegetable farmer. Another, a candy executive, learned that her company’s products were vegan and then, she learned that she needed to be vegan, too.

Bob Comis, subject of the upcoming documentary film, The Last Pig, opens the show, along with Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Allison Argo, director of The Last Pig.

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Our main stage guest is Liz Dee, co-owner and vice-president of Smarties® Candy Company. As she researched what it meant that Smarties® were both gluten-free and vegan, she watched footage of animal agriculture and slaughter and was vegan by noon. She’s gone on to “convert” her husband, a French Culinary School graduate, and her parents, who founded the candy company. She is also a Jivamukti Yoga instructor and a board member of Our Hen House.

Find her on Twitter and Instagram @TheLizDee.

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Read about this vegan family’s candy business in a recent NY Times article:

Blast from the past: This time it’s the very recent past: if you’re interested in vegan business, check out the October 14 show with vegan business expert Katrina Fox, author of Vegan Ventures, along with Natalie Dean, cofounder of a superb UK shoe company, Beyond Skin.