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Show Notes Sept. 23: TreeSpirit Project & Comic Jamie Kilstein

Listen to Podcast 092315Environmental artist and activist Jack Gescheit, founder of the TreeSpirit Project, opens today’s show, followed by comedian Jamie Kilstein, host of Citizen Radio, discussing veganism, comedy, activism, and how his best friend, Robin Williams, helped him through depression before the same disease took Mr. Williams’ life.

For more on Mr. Gescheit’s work, check out

And find him on social media:

Book recommendation: The Nature of Prejudice, by Gordon Alport

Quotes: “Trees are in the background for us the way water is for fish.” … “30% of all land animals live in forests, and we’ve cut half of them down.”

Jamie Kilstein is at: — Jamie

Twitter: @JamieKilstein

Instagram: @veganmma

Influencers: Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Al Franken, Michael Moore

Quotes: “Humor is spotting the thing that doesn’t belong” and “I’m sober now. It’s easy and fun.”

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