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Show Notes Oct. 22: The Jazzy Vegetarian & Jazzy Cowboy Boots

Listen to Podcast 102215 – What fun to spend an hour with two amazing and inspiring women, both committed vegans, one coming more from the food side, the other from fashion.

We start the show with Kat Mendenhall, VLCE, founder, customized vegan cowboy boots and Western-wear accessories that are handmade, American made, eco-friendly, and 100% cruelty-free. They also rock: I own a pair – my first cowboy boots ever — and am amazed at how versatile, comfortable, and uber-stylish they are. (And here’s some news: she’ll be opening a brick-and-mortar in downtown Dallas next year!)

Find Kat and her glorious boots et al at:

Facebook: Kat Mendenhall, Purveyor of Handmade Vegan Goods

Twitter: @kickbuttvegan

Instagram: @katmossmendenhall

Our main stage guest is Laura Theodore, PBS’s Jazzy Vegetarian. Laura is the author of three cookbooks, and we focus on her hot-off-the-presses book, Vegan-Ease: An Easy Guide to Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet. You know how some cookbooks say they’re easy and they’re not? Laura Theodore is a truth-teller: these recipes are as accessible as they are delicious. I like this book so much, I wrote the foreword.

We do something different on this episode in that we turn a chunk of it into a serious cooking class. Laura deconstructs one of her yummy recipes, “Lentil, Brown Rice and Carrot Stew,” and shares how you can change out one ingredient for another and make other substitutions that require a tweak of the cooking time but otherwise make for culinary outside-the-box thinking, even for the new or non-adventurous home cook. I’m wiser in the kitchen because of doing this interview.

Check out Laura at:

Twitter: @JazzyVegetarian

(Please note: someone is on Instagram as JazzyVegetarian who is not Laura.)