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Show Notes Nov. 11: Abandoned Chimps, Horses Pulling Carriages, and the Life of a Full-time Animal Activist

Listen to Podcast 111115: Donny Mossfounder of the online animal rights magazine, Their Turnand filmmaker of the award-winning 2008 documentary, Blindersis my guest, discussing the carriage horse situation in New York City, saving laboratory chimps released to barren islands and left without food and care, and his own life as an animal activist. The upshot: someone can be incredibly dedicated and still be a regular guy. Find Donny at:


Website for Blinders:

Twitter: @theirturn

Facebook: TheirTurn

Note: It was announced that Hope Botanic, author of The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat? would also appear. She had a time zone mixup and was not on today’s show. We’re working to get her rescheduled and will let you know on our “Events” page on this site and on social media when that happens.

Blast from the Past: Donny was recommended by a fabulous past guest, broadcaster and animal hero Jane Velez-Mitchell. She appeared on the show just about one year ago; the other guest was John Lewis of BadAss Vegan Power Cookies. Here’s the link: