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Show Notes: MSV Podcast 7/13/16 — Vegan Mainstream & a Magical, Mystical Evening

July 13th Podcast

Link to listen direct:

Back from summer break! I share a bit about Vegetarian Summerfest, the always amazing annual event that takes place at the University of Pittsburgh/Johnstown, and sponsored since 1976 by the good people of the North American Vegetarian Society. Check it out for next year — it would be fun to see you there.

I mentioned that I did something quite special at Summerfest, premiered my one-woman show, “The Making of a Main Street Vegan,” a theatrical tour through my life highlighting the moments that made me vegan, but not shying away from the hard stuff: my battle with compulsive eating, my lapses from veganism, my first husband’s death by suicide, and the difficulties or attempting to blend a vegan and non-vegan family after my remarriage. There’s a lot to relate to and resonate with, and I look forward to taking the show to other festivals and conferences and preparing it for more mainstream theatrical performances, as well. In doing this, I really experienced the power of theater to carry a message, the perfect segue into introducing my first guest, who is offering a dazzling immersive theater experience happening every other weekend though October 2016 near Manhattan; it is expected to resume in the spring of 2017 — check the website. (The yummy drink pictured is the creation of bartender cum laude, Bootleg Greg:

Cynthia von Buhler, children’s book author, artist, director, and playwright, and the creator of The Illuminati Ball, an interactive play that is also an “immersive excursion” — the audience/co-participants are chauffeured to an undisclosed location, a lakeside lodge, to experience a glittering evening inspired by the de Rothschilds’ 1974 Surrealist Illuminati party. (And, yes, that’s drawn scores of conspiracy theorists. We’re not going there.) What’s extra special about this theatrical experience is that the 10-course meal guests will enjoy is vegan, and the theme of the production is animal rights, the passion of Ms. von Buhler who is herself a dedicated vegan and an animal rescuer/rehabber of more than 30 years. (Note: if you go to the site before listening to my interview with Cynthia, you’ll wonder why there are deer heads on the walls and other taxidermy. These are old specimens, each bearing a strong animal rights message. No animals were harmed for this event. Those whose lives were taken decades ago are able to play a role in educating today’s humans about how animals are treated and the ethical response to that.)

Website: The Illuminati Ball

Twitter: @CynthVonBuhler

Facebook: Speakeasy/Dollhouse

Stephanie Redcross, founder and president of VeganMainstream, joins us in the second part of the program to discuss vegan business — for both people in business, those thinking of going into business, and for everyone else who can engage in what Stephanie calls “consumer activism.” Botton line: we need certain things that are in the marketplace, and we want others. Even those of us who are committed to simple living can use the dollars/euros/pounds/rupees/yen, etc., that we do spend in ways that can create a more compassionate world. If you are in business or looking in that direction, I can’t emphasize enough how valuable Stephanie’s classes, lectures, webinars, and private consultations can be. She was extremely instrumental in helping to get Main Street Vegan Enterprises off the ground, and I’m sure she can do the same for your business.

Stephanie suggested that we talk up other vegan businesses, so I got in a plug for my favorite-product-discovery of last year: Tate’s Nail Polish Remover  (the link is for ordering from Vegan Essentials, another great company to support). This polish remover works in a flash and has odor at all. Magic in a little bottle….

Now back to Vegan Mainstream:

Website: VeganMainstream

Twitter: @VeganMainstream

Facebook: VeganMainstream

Blast from the past! If you enjoyed Stephanie’s look at vegan business, have a listen to Vegan Ventures’ author Katrina Fox discuss this topic back in October of 2015: