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Show Notes: MSV Podcast August 3, 2016 — Barefoot Vegan & Saving One Small Life

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August 3rd Podcast

We welcome August with our “seasonal sanctuary stroll” featuring the French sanctuary, Barefoot Vegan, and its eponymous magazine, and then introduce Christine Loughead, the Canadian woman who received a huge amount of press earlier this summer when she did what we’ve all wanted to do: save a lobster from a supermarket tank and return him (her?) to the sea.

Barefoot Vegan


Facebook: Barefoot Vegan Magazine

Twitter: @Barefoot_Vegan 

Christine Loughead

Facebook: Christine Loughead

YouTube: Canadian Girl

Blast from the past! Just as Christine saved a wild creature and returned him/her to his/her natural habitat, wildlife rehabilitators work tirelessly, often with the aid of dedicated veterinarians, to nurse back to health sick, injured, and orphaned wild beings in their local areas. One such organization is Urban Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitation, co-founded by my daughter, Adair Moran, here in NYC, with an emphasis on saving wild mammals. Here’s the podcast on which she and co-founder Cathy Wolfe give us the scoop of cohabiting with wild beings and helping them out when they’re in trouble: