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Show Notes: MSV Podcast July 27, 2016: Brenda Davis, RD, Returns, & Novelist Robin Lamont

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July 27th Podcast

First, my sincere apologies for the technical difficulties on this episode. The first interview was cut short by noisy drilling on my building — I thought I had a deal with the foreman, but something was lost in translation. To avoid the noise, we extended the break to get me set up in the 2nd floor library, but the Skype wouldn’t stay connected there, so the brilliant and preternaturally self-possessed Brenda Davis, RD, simply lectured on nutritional points of interest until I could get back upstairs, hide in a closet (I figured the clothing would block some of the noise; it did), and reconnect via land line. It certainly was not the way we would have planned it, but like the quintessential pro that she is, Brenda made one helpful point after another.

Opening guest: Robin Lamont, suspense novelist, whose background includes Broadway performer, private investigator, lawyer, and ADA, has built her reputation as the creator of The Kinship Series, suspense/mystery novels with social justice underpinnings. She’s focusing now on a series of animal-rights-themed books, The Chain, dealing with the slaughter industry; The Trap, with a backdrop of wildlife issues in the contemporary American West; and her in-the-works novel that will introduce us to the little known (and somewhat frightening) world of bio-pharmaceuticals.


Facebook: Robin Lamont-author

Twitter: @Animal_Suspense

Main stage guest: “Ask the Dietitian,” with Brenda Davis, RD, tackling this time around questions there wasn’t time to get to during her last appearance. These include grains, beans, carbs, nutrients for bodybuilding, what the science has to say on who are the healthiest eaters of them all, and a rundown on her fascinating work in the Marshall Islands where a processed-food diet has led to the world’s highest rate of type 2 diabetes.


Facebook: Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina

Twitter: @BrendaCDavis

A mention worth mentioning: The good people at Rare Myo: 6 Nutrients for Muscle Health, contacted me and sent me a sample of this new supplement designed for bodybuilders and serious athletes. It contains vegan-sourced creatine, along with L-carnitine, and other nutrients believed to promote muscle strength and growth. I asked Brenda about any science behind this and she concurred that there is support for supplementary creatine for these athletes and that the supplement seemed to have a reasonable blend for them. This is not an endorsement by either Brenda or myself, but I’m very happy that a bodybuilding supplement like this one exists for the big-guys-at-the-gym crowd:

Blast from the past! If you enjoyed Brenda’s most recent appearance on our podcast, check out her very first time on the show: