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Show Notes: Oct. 12, 2016 – The China Study Solution & FARM’s 40th

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Alex Hershaft, Ph.D, Holocaust survivor, chemist, and founder of Farm Animal Rights Movement, is my first guest, discussing his route to animal rights, the intersectionality of oppression, his brand of abolition, and the gala celebration happening in Manhattan this Saturday, October 15. There’s also a special price for Main Street Vegan listeners: $90 per ticket, which includes a gourmet dinner from Candle 79 and the comic stylings of Myq Kaplan, instead of the regular price of $125. Celebrities in attendance to include Jane Velez-Mitchell and Russell Simmons. Get your ticket at

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After the break, I introduce our new sponsor, Vegan Outreach — dedicated to bringing the vegan message to college campuses across North America, Australia and New Zealand, and India. Check out their important work — and subscribe to their newsy newsletter (I love the recipes) at

In our second guest spot, we welcome Thomas M. Campbell II, MD, author of The China Study Solution   and coauthor with his father, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, of the landmark bestseller, The China StudyThe younger Campbell’s book makes the findings of The China Study practical and accessible in your own kitchen and your own life. In this episode, Tom and I discuss soy, fish, oil, the benefits and limits of plant-based nutrition for disease prevention and reversal, his work at the University of Rochester Nutrition in Medicine program, the need to get this message to the medical profession and into medical practice, and what the roadblocks are to having this happen.


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Blast from the past! If you enjoyed my talk with Dr. Campbell, MD, you’ll want to listen next to my interview with his dad, Dr. Campbell, Ph.D: