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Show notes — September 2, 2015: Plant-Powered Families & Holistic Nutrition

Sometimes I finish the live show and feel that it would take only a slight breeze to get me airborne. It’s like that today, having just spent an hour with two remarkable women, cookbook author Dreena Burton, and Certified Nutrition Consultant Lauren Krohn. Dreena is the author of four bestselling cookbooks, the newest being Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole-Foods Vegan Recipes. Its companion website is, and there’s a Facebook page especially for vegan families and families transitioning to plant-based eating, also called PlantPoweredFamilies. Dreena’s general Facebook page is Dreena Bruton Plant Powered Kitchen; she’s on Twitter @dreenaburton and on Instagram the same way.

My second guest, Lauren Krohn, is one of the most inspirational people ever to grace the program. A doctor’s daughter who developed a little known neuropathic condition, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS), after an orthopedic procedure, was forced to give up her career as a red carpet photographer and learn to live as a person with a disability. Once over the shock — she speaks beautifully on the show about this process — she adopted a vegan diet which, although not a cure for the condition, helped some in dealing with the pain. (She explains in the interview how the anti-inflammatory nature of a diet high in fruits and vegetables can be helpful when dealing with pain.) She switched careers and became a Certified Nutrition Consultant though the 700-hour Certified Nutrition Consultant Training program of Bauman College; she specializes in plant-based nutrition. Lauren is also social media manager for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, whose November 1-4, 2015, conference in Nashville will feature such luminaries as Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Michael Greger, MD, and Dean Ornish, MD.

You can find Lauren at; on Instagram @lauren_a_krohn; Twitter @lkrohnnutrition; and Facebook: Lauren Krohn Nutrition.

Oh — a little goof on the show. The correct url’s (we confused our .coms and our .orgs) for finding a physician who’s cool with your being an eater of plants and not animals: and — separate sites, so check both for the greatest selection.

Blast from the past: If you enjoyed Dreena’s wisdom on plant-powered families, check out the podcast with Chloe Jo Davis of Widely known as a major arbiter of vegan chic, since becoming the mother of three adorable vegan boys (Dreena has three lovely vegan girls), Chloe Jo is also a spokesperson on the forefront of attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and all things motherly. Our show together from July 3, 2013, may be heard at