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Feb. 22: Farm to Fable + One Good Mama Bone
Robert Grillo spent 20 years in the food industry and shares its workings firsthand in Farm to Fable: The Fictions of Our Animal-Consuming Culture; and Bren McClain has written a poignant novel set against the backdrop of 4H and a mother cow who mentors a mother human.

March 1: Cancer Happens (Even to Vegans) + Intersectionality of Oppression

Longtime vegan Anne Sullivan shares her breast cancer story & why vegans must not feel ashamed if they get sick; and Christopher Sebastian McJetters, articulate and passionate spokesperson on intersectionality, discusses animal rights, human rights, and justice.

March 8: WFPB Cooking + Homeopathy
PlantPure Nation’s Kim Campbell shares culinary tips & tricks from her new cookbook; and longtime vegan homeopath Deborah Vidal, of the Vidal Speaks podcast, shares ways we can use this alternative healing system.

March 15: Eating You Alive & Creative Care of Loved Ones with Dementia — Documentarians of Eating You Alive, taking health to the next level, follow author Deborah Shouse, an expert on compassionate caregiving whose latest book is Connecting in the Land of Dementia.


March 22: Wayne Pacelle of HSUS + 1st Vegan Baby Board Book — At the helm of the largest animal protection organization in America, Pacelle is the first vegan director and the person who brought farmed animals into the HSUS purview; and Julie Feliz Bruek’s Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary tells the real story of a rescued turkey for youngest readers.

March 29: Zoe Weil on Humane Education & Brian Leaf on Yogic Education — The Teacher Appears is Brian Leaf’s enchanting book about everyday yoga and spiritual growth; Institute for Humane Education founder and prolific author Zoe Weil shares why education without respect for all life is missing a valuable component.

April 5: Rip Esselstyn Returns + the New National Vegetarian Museum
The ultra-fit creator of the Engine 2 Diet​ joins us with a new book, The Seven-Day Rescue Diet; and Kay Stepkin shares the opening her brainchild, The National Vegetarian Museum, in Chicago (



April 12: T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D & Thomas M. Campbell, MD, with The China Study, New Edition — The most influential nutritional mind in the plant-based movement, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, returns with his son and coauthor of The China Study, Thomas M. Campbell, MD, to discuss their NY Times Bestseller’s new edition, cutting edge developments since that groundbreaking study, and what we need to know about food now.

April 19: Romance & Vegans + Speaking for the Cause — Vegan Love is Maya Gottfried’s enchanting new book, and professional speaker Carol Cox shares on how we can speak for group to enhance activism or vegan business.